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Up to 65% of newborn boys in the United States are circumcised for personal, religious, and health reasons. If you need to have your little one circumcised, the caring physicians at California Pediatric Surgical Group provide expert circumcisions at the practice’s locations in Santa Barbara, and Ventura, California, offices. Click the online scheduler or call the location nearest you to book your child’s circumcision today.

Circumcisions Q&A

What are the benefits of circumcision?

A circumcision involves surgically removing the small amount of skin that covers the tip of the penis, known as foreskin. Parents often choose to have their child circumcised as part of a religious or cultural tradition, or because of family traditions. Circumcisions provide many benefits for your son, including:

  • Easier hygiene
  • Lower risk of urinary tract infections
  • Decreased risk of STDs


Circumcision also results in a lower cancer risk for both men and women. Men who are circumcised have a decreased risk of penile cancer, while the female sexual partners of circumcised men have a lower risk of cervical cancer. 

How does a doctor perform a circumcision?

Usually, the pediatric surgeons at California Pediatric Surgical Group perform circumcisions within the first 10 days of your baby boy’s life. During a circumcision, if desired, you can help restrain your little one’s arms and legs to help them feel more relaxed. Otherwise, the medical team can help hold your baby’s limbs.

The next step involves cleansing your baby’s penis and gently injecting the base of the penis with a small dose of anesthetic (sometimes topical numbing cream is used as an alternative). Once your little one’s skin is numb, your doctor attaches a specialized surgical clamp or ring to the penis and carefully removes all foreskin.

The entire circumcision procedure takes about 10 minutes. Your doctor applies an ointment to your baby’s penis and wraps it with gauze, then spends time counseling you on how to care for and clean the treated area. 

Can my older child get a circumcision?

If your child is older, a circumcision is still possible and the procedure is the same. However, in older children, general anesthesia may be necessary because the procedure is a bit more complex. 

How long does it take to recover after a circumcision?

Recovery from a newborn circumcision typically takes about 7-10 days, while older children may take longer to recover. As your baby’s penis heals, it’s likely going to be more sensitive and sore. 

The physicians at California Pediatric Surgical Group recommend changing the bandage during every diaper change during this time. It’s also helpful to apply petroleum jelly to their penis to prevent the diaper from sticking.

California Pediatric Surgical Group provides flexible scheduling for circumcision procedures. Book your child’s visit through the website or by phone with any office location today.

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