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Urachal Cyst

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The urachus is present when your baby is in utero and connects the top of your baby’s bladder to their belly button. If the urachus doesn’t properly dissolve, treatment or surgical intervention from California Pediatric Surgical Group in Santa Barbara, or Ventura, California, offices may be necessary. If your child has a urachal cyst, book an evaluation through the website or call the location nearest you to schedule by phone today.

Urachal Cyst Q&A

What is a urachal cyst?

During pregnancy, your baby has a urachus that connects their bladder to their belly button. The urachus is supposed to dissolve since it’s no longer necessary after delivery. But if it doesn’t dissolve or remains partially open, a urachal cyst or sinus develops. 

A urachal cyst is a fluid-filled mass that forms under the muscles in your baby’s belly, right below their belly button. If there’s still an open connection between your baby’s bladder and umbilicus, which causes urine to drain from their belly button, the condition is known as a urachal sinus. 

Are there symptoms of a urachal cyst?

Yes, although the average onset of obvious urachal cyst or sinus symptoms is about 4 years old. But your child can certainly have symptoms during infancy or even in adolescence. Early signs of urachal issues include:

  • Wet belly button (from urine leaking out)
  • Yellow fluid leaking from the umbilicus
  • Redness or swelling around the belly button


If a urachal cyst becomes infected, your child can suffer from a fever and abdominal pain, as well as fatigue and vomiting. If your child experiences any of these issues, contact California Pediatric Surgical Group for an evaluation as soon as possible. 

How is a urachal cyst treated?

Treating an infected urachal cyst may require a course of antibiotics. Your physician may also recommend fully draining the cyst while your child is under general anesthesia. 

Surgical correction is commonly necessary to treat a complex urachal cyst or sinus. Your dedicated pediatric surgeon at California Pediatric Surgical Group can use minimally invasive laparoscopic measures to remove the urachus and correct any surrounding issues. 

If urachal cyst or sinus surgery is required, your child may need to stay in the hospital for a night or two. But with the help of California Pediatric Surgical Group, you can expect your child to have a full recovery with no limitations after a urachal procedure.

California Pediatric Surgical Group provides comprehensive care and treatments for urachal cyst and sinus issues. Book your child’s exam online or call any office to book a visit today.

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