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Undescended Testis

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Undescended testicles occur in 45% of premature or low birthweight baby boys. At California Pediatric Surgical Group in Santa Barbara, and Ventura, California, offices, the skilled surgical team offers minimally invasive surgery to correct undescended testis. Their follow-up services ensure the health of your child’s testicles as they age. You can schedule a surgical consultation today at the California Pediatric Surgical Group office nearest you by phone or using the online booking feature.

Undescended Testis Q&A

What is an undescended testicle?

As baby boys develop in the womb, their testicles form in their abdomen. Just before birth, hormones help the testicles move down into the scrotum.

In some children, one or both testicles fail to fully move into the scrotum before birth, remaining in the abdomen or groin, a condition described as an undescended testicle.

Is testing needed for an undescended testicle?

At the time of birth, your OB/GYN can determine if your child has an undescended testicle by examining the scrotum and feeling the groin and abdomen for a bulge that indicates the location of an undescended testicle.

Some babies may need ultrasound imaging tests to confirm the testicle is present. There are cases where a testicle doesn’t develop properly and is absent, or your child may have a testicle that forms in another location outside of the usual one.

How is an undescended testicle treated?

Treating an undescended testicle may initially involve a wait-and-see approach, where your pediatrician delays any treatment to see if the testicle descends on its own, usually by 1 year of age. If the testicle doesn’t move naturally, you may receive a referral to California Pediatric Surgical Group for surgery. The skilled surgeons can determine if surgery is the best option for treating an undescended testicle.

When the testicle is in the groin, the surgeon makes a simple incision nearby to free the testicle and uses sutures to hold the testicle in place in the scrotum.

When the testicle isn’t near the scrotum, the California Pediatric Surgical Group surgeons may recommend a laparoscopic procedure that uses a slender instrument with an attached camera to explore the abdomen and find the testicle. Once located, the team can use additional surgical techniques to secure the testicle in proper position in the scrotum.

Immediately after surgery, your child’s surgeon provides after-care instructions for the incision site to prevent infection. They also continue to monitor your child’s testicle health through yearly appointments to ensure the testicle remains in the right place.

If you have concerns about your son’s undescended testicle, contact the surgical team at the California Pediatric Surgical Group office nearest you or request an appointment online today.

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