Our Testimonial

Our healthy son was 15 years old when he was admitted into the hospital with a life threatening disease, in June of 2017. Although surgery was a possibility, our doctors initially attempted less invasive treatments.

Once they knew the treatments were not working, they scheduled a conference with the surgeons, Dr. Tamir Keshen and Dr. Charles Stolar, along with other medical staff that could explain and answer questions. My husband and I NEVER thought we would be in this room, with all these people, discussing a surgery that was necessary to save our son's life. It was extremely intimidating, to say the least.

As soon as we met Dr. Keshen and Dr. Stolar, we were treated with kindness, and respect. They answered all our questions, and explained the 3 surgeries he would need in the next year or so, with clarity and empathy for how we were feeling. My husband and I always asked that they be straight forward with us, and not hold anything back. They took the time to discuss all the procedures with us and with our son with honesty and in a way that was understandable to someone who is not in the medical field.

After 3 planned surgeries, 2 emergency lifesaving surgeries, multiple stays in the pediatric ward and the ICU, our son is now almost 18, and is healthy and doing great! We spent hours upon hours, in the surgical waiting room, and Dr. Keshen, Dr. Stolar and Gina Grossi, PA-C, always made sure to keep us posted every couple of hours, to ease our minds.

We cannot give enough props to Gina Grossi, who saw our son almost every day he was in the hospital. She helped keep his spirits up when he felt hopeless and she pushed us to have a positive attitude, which was essential to his recovery. She was always a friendly face whenever we needed to feel safe.

Rocio and Alejandra always work diligently to schedule follow up appointments that are convenient for our schedule and always have a friendly, welcoming smile, when we come to the office. They create such a positive atmosphere in an office that can be a challenge to come to.

We will ALWAYS say, Dr. Keshen, Dr. Stolar and Gina Grossi, saved our son's life on more than one occasion!! The entire surgical group is not only amazing, they are family to us. We will never be able to give enough thanks to this group of people, and will recommend them to anyone who finds themselves needing a Pediatric Surgeon.

Thank you to each and every one of you!!

~ Tami Cabrera