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California Pediatric Surgical Group provides comprehensive care for surgical problems in antenatally anticipated newborns to infants. We are certified and re-certified by the American Board of Surgery as highly trained specialists for newborns needing major corrective surgery. We are leaders in advanced minimally-invasive surgical techniques, which means less pain and quicker recovery. 

Newborn surgical diseases include tracheo-esophageal fistula and esophageal atresia, congenital diaphragmatic hernia, sacrococcygeal teratoma, gastroschisis, omphalocele, intestinal and colonic atresia, duodenal atresia, intestinal malrotation and/or midgut volvulus, meconium ileus, need for gastric tube feeding access, central venous lines, and inguinal hernias.

Some of these congenital anomalies can be prenatally diagnosed and some cannot. For those that can be prenatally diagnosed, we are available for prenatal consultation at any time during pregnancy. During this visit, we will review the prenatal imaging and possible diagnoses. In addition, we will outline step by step what to expect from the moment the baby is born to when the baby goes home for the first time and beyond. We can also provide tours of the operating room and the NICU, where their baby will be cared for.

For those disease processes that are only evident at birth or thereafter, our group is on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and will be by the bedside within moments as the need arises. The three Pediatric Surgeons in California Pediatric Surgical Group are interchangeable and therefore surgical care and management is seamless, with no lapses in attentiveness or quality of care.

Having a newborn in the hospital is extremely demanding and stressful for the family, especially when the duration extends to weeks and even months, which is sometimes necessary. This stress is further exacerbated when their baby is far from home, in places such as Los Angeles and elsewhere. The multi-disciplinary team at Ventura County Medical Center provides elite-level care within the county, on par with that in stand-alone children’s hospitals. Ventura County Medical Center is fully staffed to care for newborns of all gestational ages and sizes, from gestation to birth to discharge, with a Materno-Fetal Medicine OB/GYN physician, Level 3 NICU, and board-certified Pediatric Anesthesiologists. The only services that are not available are congenital cardiac surgery and extra-corporeal membrane oxygentation (ECMO).

The care that the families and babies of Ventura County need and deserve is within the community. California Pediatric Surgical Group is here to provide that care.

By California Pediatric Surgical Group
May 01, 2019
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Are you worried that appendix problems could be causing your child’s abdominal distress?

While many of us will never have issues with our appendix, appendicitis affects around 80,000 children each year in the US. It’s also the appendicitismost common cause of pediatric emergency abdominal surgery. Our Santa Barbara, CA, Pediatric Surgeons Dr. Tamir Keshen, Dr. Charles Stolar and Dr. Sang Lee want you to be able to pinpoint the early warning signs so that you can bring your child in if you believe they may have acute appendicitis.

What are the early warning signs?

Once the appendix becomes inflamed the first symptom that most children will experience is abdominal pain, usually around the belly button. The pain will be persistent and will get worse over time. As the pain appears your child may experience a loss of appetite or even nausea and vomiting. Many children will also develop a fever over 100 degrees F.

As the pain persists it will usually move from the belly button to the lower right side. The pain may be bad enough that it may be uncomfortable to walk or stand.

What can our Santa Barbara, CA, Pediatric Surgeons do to help?

Appendicitis is the result of an infection; therefore, antibiotics will be administered in an IV to treat the infection. The standard of care treatment option for appendicitis is surgery to remove the appendix (referred to as an appendectomy).

An appendectomy can be performed in one of two ways: open or laparoscopically. During an open appendectomy, one of our surgeons will make an incision on the right lower side of the abdomen where the appendix is in order to remove it. During a laparoscopic appendectomy, we will insert a camera into one of three very small incisions in order to remove the appendix.

Both procedures take about the same amount of time but with laparoscopic surgery, the recovery period is usually shorter and the surgical scars are smaller.

California Pediatric Surgical Group wants to make sure that children of all ages living in Santa Barbara, CA, get the proper medical care they need. If you suspect that your child may be dealing with appendicitis then it’s time to give us a call right away or go to the Emergency Room. Call (805) 563-6560.

By California Pediatric Surgical Group
January 07, 2019
Category: Pediatric Surgery
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You never quite anticipate that your child will require surgery, however, the possibility is always there. At California Pediatric Surgical pediatric surgeryGroup in Santa Barbara, CA, your team of board-certified pediatric surgeons and their professional support staff provide the expertise and compassion that you and your child must have for the best outcome and recovery. Dr. Tamir Keshen, Dr. Charles Stolar, and Dr. Sang Lee know children well, and they can help you navigate a complex and worrisome time.

Why pediatric surgery?

Patient circumstances vary, but in general, children need surgery to:

  • Repair traumatic injuries from sports, motor vehicle accidents, burns or falls
  • Remake congenital defect (as a newborn, or throughout childhood as required)
  • Remove foreign bodies from the respiratory or gastrointestinal tract
  • Remove cancerous tumors and benign cysts
  • Repair inguinal, hiatal, umbilical, or abdominal hernias

Your pediatric surgeons in Santa Barbara, CA, are highly trained in children's anatomy and physiology. They fully understand that a child's body is very different from an adult's, and as such, the young patient has specialized needs in terms of sedation, anesthetic, aftercare, and rehabilitation. The doctors also practice surgical techniques which are as minimally invasive as possible.

It's a team approach

At California Pediatric Surgical Group, your team of doctors, PAs, nurses, and office staff are experts in all phases of pediatric surgery—from preparation to the day of surgery to follow-up care. Your questions will be answered fully, and you'll be informed every step of the way about medications, pre- and post-procedure testing, any ETAs on returning to school and routine activities, proper diet, and more. Plus, appointment scheduling, insurance matters, and coordination with PT, OT, and other medical specialists are thoughtfully facilitated.

Find out more

If your child's doctor suspects a need for pediatric surgery, trust the care at California Pediatric Surgical Group. Call today for your personal consultation. We work hard to provide superior service and compassionate care: phone (805) 563-6560.

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March 05, 2018
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